The Dolce Staff

 The Award winning Dolce Staff are the best dance professionals in the Central Valley. They are highly energetic and motivational. They inspire your child to bring the best out of them. They love to Dance; they will support you, motivate you, respect you, show you empathy, and teach you dance.



Kendra began dancing when she was three years old.  From that moment on, she fell in love with the dance world.  She has been teaching for 14 years.  Kendra was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2006.  She has choreographed for Clovis High, Clovis East, Kastner, and Alta Sierra Competition Pep Teams.  She has coached the Clovis West Pep Team as well. Under Kendra’s direction, Dolce Dance Studio was recognized as one of the Top 50 Studios in the Nation, and the Top 20 in the Region for the past three years.

Kendra has a passion for teaching dancers of all ages and abilities.  She specializes in jazz, lyrical, technique, and choreography.  Her dancers have won enumerable high point awards and have gone on to work professionally in commercials and television shows.  Kendra has won numerous choreography awards as well.  She has the ability to develop every dancer to their highest potential.

Kendra is not only a teacher/choreographer but also a mother to four children.  She makes her studio a warm, friendly, and family environment where they can thrive as dancers. She treats each and every kid as if they were her own and will help them reach any goal that they set for themselves.



Susie has been working with Kendra at Dolce Dance Studio since 2003 where it all began with a two room dance studio and only two dance teachers at Ashlan & Chestnut in Fresno.  Susie works the front desk assisting families with their children's dance needs along with administrative and accounting duties.  She has been involved with dance since her oldest daughter started dancing and competing at the age of 12 and her youngest daughter at the age of 3 years old.  She has been in the dance community for the past 23 years and truly loves being a part of our Dolce Dance Studio family. 

Susie is a full time commercial property manager in Fresno, but her heart and soul is with Dolce and the reason she enjoys working at the studio with our wonderful Dolce teaching staff which includes her youngest daughter, Kaelyn (Teacher KK) who has been with Kendra since she was 9 years old competing with Dolce.  Susie also has an 8 year old granddaughter that dances and competes with Dolce Dance Studio.  Not only does Susie love dance - she enjoys meeting and working with all our Dolce parents and their children and grandchildren. She is very proud to be a part of Dolce Dance Studio and our Dolce Family!




Melissa has been teaching for the past 20 years. Her teaching has built some of the top dancers in the country and her style of teaching with dancers  aged 3-5 has made her one of the top Mini Teachers in the industry.  Originally Melissa started as a gymnast. Traveling for gymnastics has been the key to how Melissa trains her dancers. She is strict and firm, with a touch of love and caring.  She was a 49er Gold Rush cheerleader as well.

Melissa began teaching at a studio in town called “Guys and Dolls.” She learned under Veda Burton how to work with younger dancers in a positive and inspiring way.  Later, Melissa purchased “Guys and Dolls” and opened “Dance Rage”. Melissa built a fantastic program offering classes for dancers between the ages of 3 and 18.  After owning “Dance Rage” for so many years she decided to close and come over to Dolce.

Having her as a part of the Dolce staff has been the biggest and best thing for the studio. Her love for the little ones truly shows and is her true passion.  Melissa’s training with younger dancers all the way to the oldest has been a blessing for both the dancers and the studio.

Melissa has choreographed for numerous pep teams in town including Buchannan, Clovis West, Clovis North, Kastner, and Granite Ridge. She has served as the pep coach for Buchanan and Clovis North.



Amber began her dance career at the age of five. She has performed at numerous events including Fresno State, Laker, Raider, and 49er half time shows, regional and national competitions and various other venues.  She has won many regional and national awards during this time.  Her passion for dance led her to teaching 13 years ago. From a very young age Amber knew that she wanted to teach dance and to share her love of dancing with her students. Amber’s forte is jazz, preschool and pep. 

She was a pep coach for Clovis West High School and Kastner Intermediate School for many years. Amber is currently teaching the local competition and pep teams, in addition to weekly classes.  She has won numerous choreography awards through her teaching career as well.  Amber has a gift of teaching and motivating her dancers to always do their best.



Kaelyn began dancing at the age of 4 years old and competitively at the age of 5. Watching her older sister dance and compete while she was growing up is when she knew she wanted to dance. She won her first Regional solo competition at the age of 6 and first National solo competition at the age of 7. Kaelyn started to dance and compete for Dolce Dance Studio when she was 10 and for the next 10 years after that won several high point awards for her solos, duets and group dances. 

Along with dance, Kaelyn has been on award winning competitive pep teams (Red Bank, Clark Intermediate and Clovis High) since 5th grade.  She also was a part of the SF 49er Junior Gold Rush program for 4 years. She has performed at several 49er and FSU half time shows.